Ak dating ashley cole

“In the end it was me who had to get up and go because I had filming for The Valleys. “The moment I was in the car he was messaging me again to organise seeing me in Cardiff.

“He has never mentioned Cheryl or any other women and I don’t care.

This is not exactly what we expected to wake up to this morning and we have SO MANY EMOTIONS.

According to The Sun, the two and their ‘matching’ tattoos started dating in December after Cheryl’s split from Jean-Bernard, with their romance said to be the ‘real deal’ and Liam thought to be ‘madly in love’ with Chez.

“Once he had showered he got in next to me and we made love.

“He cuddled me all through the night and in the morning when a girl looks her worst, he kissed me and we made love again.

But what I will never understand is how you had to face the world', she admitted.

Cole would not be the first big star to appear in such a show – rapper Professor Green has featured in E4’s Made In Chelsea.Green, 29, is dating one of the cast, Millie Macintosh, 22, and was filmed picking her up to go on dates.His appearance sparked Anna’s interest in getting Ashley in her show.Anna, who has admitted to three boob jobs, has a reputation on The Valleys for speaking her mind, and worked in the Navy and as a bouncer before her career as a glamour model and photographer.Cheryl Cole’s ex-husband Ashley is of course reputed to be something of a ladies’ man, however, The Valley’s star Anna ‘AK’ Kelle – who as we reported recently is dating footballer Ashley – reckons she’s the woman who can “tame” the bad boy!After being overlooked for the England squad which has headed to Brazil for the World Cup, the 33-year-old sportsman is now reported to have split up with girlfriend Pascal Craymer.


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