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Mandy’s goal has always been to quiet her mind, check in with herself, and stand more fully on her own two feet. Mandy has been most drawn to the Kripalu and Phoenix Rising styles of yoga, both of which are inquiry-based methods that use classic postures, breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques to increases awareness of body, breath, and mind. Wellness in Motion makes yoga accessible for every body – all ability levels and all ages from preschoolers to senior citizens.Wellness in Motion offer smaller class sizes, a welcoming atmosphere, and a community feel.

He held the record for the most number one singles of any act, with 40 No.1 Billboard country hits, until George Strait broke the record in 2006.

He served in the Far East and organized a group called The Cimmerons to entertain fellow GIs.

Wayne Hause, a neighbor, suggested that Jenkins could make it in the music industry.

Here are the Festival performances and activities we have scheduled for Saturday. We’re still finalizing details, so check back soon for more current information.

A key for the locations is provided at the bottom of the page.


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