Cross dating dresser

It’s not something we take off and put down, it’s who we are, all the time. But cross dressers aren’t trans women and trans women aren’t cross dressers.Is there anything wrong with cross dressers doing what they do? Trans women are women who just happen to have been mistaken for men in the first chunk of their lives.

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Trans women were assigned male at birth but they can’t put down their womanhood at the end of the day and go about life as a man. Gender dysphoria (the clinical diagnosis for being transgender) is an experience of distress at parts of your existence that conflict with your internal identity.

Because cross-dressing has been such a concealed way of life once the secret is told to their wives many are unable to save their marriage.

The long-term secrecy and the fear of who her husband really is becomes a fast-track to divorce.

He said that the girl had used various methods to get around 31,000 yuan (£3,237) out of him.

There will be a point in a dating relationship where a cross-dresser will feel compelled to reveal their femme side to their new love interest before the relationship gets too serious.


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