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Furthermore, communal needs can be distinguished from other human needs: The social concerns of school-age children often focus on the communal needs of acceptance by peers and avoidance of rejection.Alesha’s need for continued acceptance by her best friends from elementary school—Jennifer and Kelly—may prove stronger than her need for Mandy’s companionship.In 2009, Drake’s first single, “Best I Ever Had” exploded onto the airwaves.It was a striking love ballad about a special girl; the anti “cars, bitches, and bling” theme song.Marital satisfaction then increases in the later years after finances have stabilized and parenting responsibilities have ended.Couples who stay together until after the last child leaves home will probably remain married for at least another 20 years as long as their intent was not to wait until the last child leaves the home to divorce.Relationships dissolve for as many reasons as there are numbers of relationships.

School-agers not only construct understandings of others but must also interact competently with their peers and sustain friendships over time.When we’re younger, we are less likely to second-guess ourselves, and we’re a little less selective.Consider how children on their way to an adult event ask, “Will there be any kids there?Instead of meeting people in real life, we’re constantly swiping and messaging somebody new.Instead of telling people how we feel, we don’t text back.“When we get older, it’s harder both internally and externally,” says Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph D, author of A Happier You.


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