Jeon ji hyun dating

Park's father is a Rak San Group CEO according to sources.

Rak San Housing is a construction company, and Rak San Enterprise is a film production company.actress Choi Jung Yoon got the nickname "Chaebol daughter-in-law" after marrying Yoon Tae Jun of the E-Land Group in 2011.

The two reportedly got close at the filming of their latest drama "The Legend of the Blue Sea," and its pilot episode will air on Nov.

"Like it has been reported in the media, Jun Ji Hyun is dating.

Again, the speculations are without source and could not be verified.

Rumors surrounding Korean stars can be just as ruthless and misleading as those that befall Hollywood celebrities.

Is such the case for “The Legend of the Blue Sea” actors, Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho?

Like any non-celebirty, they were friends before they developed mutual feelings for one another.

However, the rumors regarding her marriage plans are not true, as she has not made any decisions or plans to get married in the near future." Netizens were also interested in the brother of 'Choi' who was reported to have been an idol.


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