Updating library this may take a few minutes iphone when does daria start dating trent

i OS 10 has tons of new features, including the new i Message, which has loads of new things to play with.

As those numbers suggest, switching from Android to i Phone isn't that difficult.Similar to computer backup, everyone who owns a mobile device has no excuse for skipping backing up their mobile data regularly.With i OS, you can backup an i Phone via i Tunes or i Cloud. It's not just once, but has happened every time for the last dozen or so times I've done a sync (had to keep syncing because I was playing around with the changed functionality for podcasts and playlists). but every time i restart my ipod touch and open "music" it says updating music or whatever.. If I'm listening to an audiobook, the earlier files I've already listened to get added back and the current location in the last file I listened to gets forgotten. mine started when i updated to the new 3.0 software, and hasnt gotten any better despite upgrades. And as i updated to 3.1 i got this updating thing....i thought maybe in the beginning since its a new OS might require to change the database layout and so on the way normally software would do. is it a bug or they wanted it to be that way...only know. Same here as well, since update 3.0 'updating library' for about 1-1.5 minutes... Also had the 'no music on this ipod' thing since 3.1.1(bit scary) NO NEED TO RESTORE just sync again, it comes back (well it shows again, it never really went anywhere) How come I don't get any of these issues on my old ipods? So, smart playlists with Podcasts that drop off after being played, get rebuilt. I sync contacts and calendar to my i Phone from work, and sync everything else from my Mac at home.


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