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A wink can have sexual connotations, imply a shared private joke, and more generally communicate affiliation and rapport.In a 1999 study examining just how many meanings a wink can convey, researchers Elizabeth Lindsey and Valerie Vigil asked a male and a female actor to approach individuals waiting in public areas.

And yes, there are apps for bisexuals, fetishists, various ethnic groups, specific religious affiliations, younger people, older people, and even people who think they're intellectuals.Does your dream date involve sharing a bowl of spaghetti that ends in an accidental kiss?Can you spell "hakuna matata" without Googling it first?In other words, the "friend finder" label is something of a euphemism -- a little like the pre-digital world calling a certain type of establishment an "adult bookstore." Quite frankly, a lot of these sex finder apps -- let's call them what they really are -- are pretty impressive.In the same way that other apps can help you locate a good deal on a used car with navigation, new tires, and a back-up camera, sex finder apps can put you in contact with any number of nearby potential sex partners.The context of the wink, though, appears to have made all the difference in making this “winkgate”. In many ways, the intention doesn’t matter – communication via nonverbal gestures depends just as much on interpretation as intention. Winking, at an anatomical level, happens when the ring-like band of muscle around the eye – orbicularis oculi – contracts around one eye.


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